Week 19 Jim Moll

What if there really is an Aladdin’s Lamp?

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Aladdin’s is Real. I own it! I have discovered it, buried within myself. It was buried under some old cement of programming over time; self limiting thoughts, well intention-ed but limiting programming from the educational system and other people who also were repeating what they had learned and they also had been programmed.

Those who have followed my previous posts have seen my progression.

I know that what formerly had seemed “Impossible” now means “I’m possible.” And “If I think I can, or if I think I can’t, I’m right!”

Good habits take nurturing and effort, bad habits grow automatically like bad weeds. I get to train my brain. I get to choose what to think. I can also look with new understanding on my past.

Our gratitude week was amazing. Scriptures say “Give thanks in EVERYTHING” (caps added.) Gratitude is a cause, not a result. Give more, get more.

Enthusiasm, if you take the last four letters as an acronym means:” I am sold myself.” Enthos (Greek) means “God within.” We are all just 5 inches from success: the 5 inches between our ears! Just think of the power of 10 (inches); ten inches when we combine our two brains in a Mastermind. We are not limited to just two, either.

I am just giving you a glimpse of what I am experiencing.

Another class will be starting this fall. Later I will post the information needed for you to enroll, if you want to experience the trip of a life time. You will be exploring the “world within”, led by a master mentor. You can’t pay to enroll; you need to get a scholarship, and the class size is limited.

“See you in the future, if not in the pasture!”




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LInda says February 11, 2018

I love “I’m possible”. Very cool.
“Good habits take nurturing and effort, bad habits grow automatically like bad weeds.” This starts me thinking. I understand that typically weeds grow in response to the quality of the soil. I bet you can even read the soil based on what weeks grow. So I guess “nurturing and effort” is equivalent to building up the soil. That’s where the effort is required. Then what grows in my life will be wholesome and precious.

Vicki Drobnis says February 17, 2018

Worth every bit of time and effort! Thanks for Masterminding this week!

Amy Swift says March 10, 2018

Agreed “Yes give thanks in everything!” Impossible to I’m possible…that is a reality!

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