Blog 15 the Ripple-ectomy

  • January 15, 2018

Johnny, you are one amazing dude. Did you know that you had such a gift of writing and expressing yourself ? I really, really like your blogs. (Just read 15 and 16 so far)

Hello to all who stumble across this blog. It seems every week has its intense moments. A few short weeks ago I was very discouraged at my performance in the MKE. As I was at my lowest, that’s when it happened, it seemed every lesson, every scroll, points discussed in the webinars, were absorbed on a deeper level at the very moment I needed them the most. My partner, my guide, my tribe, and the blogs of others reinforced I am not alone, these new habits, this remembering who we are, is a true shock to our system.

The ferocity with which my old blueprint wants to protect itself is quite remarkable…To replay some of the things I had thought or said last week, to be that third person in the room, and see my behaviour, was an amazing display of the ego feeding the subby, with undesirable information, embracing…

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